Lady Gaga Poker Face

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

by Amrita Lall on April, 2009

in Music

What can you expect from an artist named Lady Gaga?

A lot, actually.

An artist from a humble background, she has taken the world by storm. Don’t go expecting a soulful ballad or a night mellowed by her voice, but it’s good enough to bring life to a party or a dank after-office hours get together. Initially only working on electronic dance music, she has created a niche by taking inspiration from David Bowie-esque glam songs.

Poker Face has already touched No. 1 in 20+ countries.

The chorus of the song does add a touch of her own voice, not utterly modulated by robotic effects. It is still one of the few songs that does not tire out the listener and completely wear their ears out with it’s cynical artifice.

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