Name: Devika
Age: 17
Height: 5′ 8″
Eyes Colour: brown

Passion: International dance styles like Scottish highland dance, R&B, electro dance and foxtrot…learnt in Australia…coming to India was kind of loss as I don’t dance now and want to continue is asap, I have even forgotten some!

What’s the craziest thing you ever did?

When I was in Australia, my friends had challenged me to dance in the middle of the street. I thought it would be pretty easy as I jus had to dance, which I love to, but my devil friends played so slow tunes on guitar that dancing was impossible! But still I did a comedy kind of dance sequence there which made people think that I was drunk or something. After some time people actually gathered around us in a big circle and threw money! It was fun, crazy and embarrassing at the same time…

What did you do for your mom, this mother’s day?

Awwww… I’m a totally mama’s gal and I love my mom to death so I gave a surprise party at midnight where all her friends were invited and on all the fans of the cottage we had put up rose petals so each time she switched on a fan it showered rose petals.

What’s most important question in life?

I think life is itself a question you never know what’s in store for you? And in the long run if its your cup of tea or not! Moreover, I think that we should stop questioning and start answering!

What do you think about FRiEnDz magazine and the idea?

Its completely stupendous! I really admire the whole team of FRiEnDz magazine. You guys are doing a great job. Wish you loads of luck and I know you guys will do a great job also just don’t forget your cover models! Ok?

Do you think you can be next Brand Ambassador of FRiEnDz magazine?

Me?? Brand Ambassador? well I definitely can be one if my luck and you guys support me although I’m pretty sure I’ll b the next BA!

Advice for teens… and their parents?

For teens- I just think that we should stop thinking and start acting asap like the team of FRiEnDz is doing! Don’t get confused and have your dreams clear in your head and you will definitely succeed in that.

For parents – Hail! let us rock!!! hahaha

Trust Us! We are shining stars of tomorrow not just bunch of spoiled brats! And of course we love you!

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