Gauri Sharma

Gauri Sharma

by Gaurav Bansal on April, 2009

in Aspiration - Cover Models

Name: Gauri Sharma
Location: Jalandhar
Height: 5’4”
Eyes Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black

Define BEAUTY:
Beauty is a precious gift from God who is beautiful Himself. Its a gift that can be seen and appreciated in different forms. Whether a child’s innocent mind or a mother’s heart. Whether in the sunsets by the sea or flowers by orchards. Whether in nature or relationships; Beauty is everywhere and by its definition should be protected and dignified. :)

Your Passions:

I am passionate about dancing… I have learnt salsa, hip-hop and now I am learning belly dancing.

Your views about live-in relationships:

Live in relationships is an ill-advised decision OR a cheap compromise (adjustment) made by people who; either don’t understand the institution of marriage OR are too scared or weak to take on the individual responsibilities and duties required in a marriage or losers who are ‘Brad Pitt’ and ‘Angelina Jolie’ ‘wannabes’ under the influence of the ‘diseased’ western culture/lifestyle who just want some free sex …every night!! Lol! :)

What Kinda People Do You Like?

straight forward and sophisticated people!!!! you’re your recent brand ambassador… lol
Your views about ‘sexy’ politics: Politics can b called ‘sexy’ only if people like Rahul Gandhi n Priyanka Gandhi are a part of it!!! Otherwise God bless such politics!!!!

Favorite Cuisines: Chinese, Thai, Continental, Indian or anything which excites ma taste buds…

Favorite Quote: “Never be content with someone else’s definition of you. Instead define yourself by your own beliefs, truths and understanding…”

Your views about FRiEnDz magazine: as the name suggests friendz magazine is a friend to every single youth!!it gives wings to the teens to fly…and helps them to leave a mark on the minds of the people with their views…its a magazine creating a difference!!!!
Few words for teenz & their parents: Teens and parents are two individual set or a group of people who have their own rights, duties and ideas in life. They should maintain mutual respect and understanding towards each other and support each other like companions on life’s beautiful journey!! :)

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