Gitin Singla

Gitin Singla

by the Friendz Team on March, 2009

in Aspiration - Cover Models

Gitin Singla Close-up

Name: Gitin Singla
Age: 17
Dwelling: Chandigarh, INDIA
Email ID:
Height: 5’ 11’’
Eyes Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown

What’s your Passion?
Latest laptops, Music, non-veg food

What is love?
LOVE is to care & have strong positive emotion of affection

What makes the world go round: Competition & lust to have everything

What do you think about FRiEnDz magazine?

A platform in which teens can perform and show their talent, ideas, desire & knowledge they possess.

Do you think you can be next brand ambassador of FRiEnDz magazine?
YES! of course! why not?! I have that potential & attitude to be the next brand ambassador. So…..

What is your Secret Desire: a) To meet BILL GATES   b) to take my love to a candle light dinner & get wild…..lmao
A few words for teens: I would juzz like to say that it is the age to learn & gain… make the most out of your life. Don’t kill your time today otherwise time will kill you tomorrow.

A few words for their parents: Parents should understand, realize, encourage & support them in their decisions and opinions. They must trust teens in what they wanna do.

Gitin Singla on Stairs

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Preet Man687 December 17, 2011 at 4:26 pm

lukng gr8 in dis pic nd may god bless u nd fullfill ur every desire,,,,,, ol d bst 4 ur future,,,,,