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Name: Ripudaman
Age: 20 yrs
Dwelling: in this whole wide beuuuuutiiiful world made by God ! :) ok to be precise – Mohali, India.
Height: 5’6’’
Eyes Color: Beutifully Black
Hair Color: Black

Whats your passion?

My passion – I’ve admitted even publicly- is my MOM.. i Love her with all my strength .. and I am where I am today just coz of her.. hats off to her !! :)

What is Love?
Answer: aaaaaahhhhh !! a question that can have no answer or many answers!
Love is when you look into someone’s eyes… and see everything you want …
Love is when you want to sit alone and cry rather then going on a spree with friends…
Love is when you don’t want to sleep at night … there are many more things cropping up in your mind not allowing you to sleep!
Love is when you live more in the fantasy world and less in the real world…
Love is when there are two tears in your eyes if there z 1 tear in his eye…
Love is when you think of him and a smile spreads on your face without you even realizing it…
Love is when you look at that person and jus can’t stop looking …
Love is when you could go on listening his voice throughout your life…
Love is when you think d only place in this world safe enough for you is his arms…
Love is when something happens to him and everything in your life seems to b blank…
Love is when he leaves you and suddenly your world comes crashing down…
Love is when you don’t need a snooze button in your alarm clock coz when your alarm goes off in d morning, his thoughts won’t let you fall back asleep…
Love is when you want only one thing on his face-a beautiful smile…
Love is when …… aaaaahhhhhh !! I think I can jus go on and on ! :)
y don’t you jus find it out by yourself! Go guys!!! Fall in Love ! for this is one thing in which you go higher and higher as you fall deeper and deeper.. !!

What makes the world go round?

A. mmmmmm……. lets see… the gravitational pull that sun exerts on earth coz of which it goes round it in a fixed path!!
ok jokes apart.. well want can you make out by my previous answer ! obviously LOVE is one of those things that makes the world go round !
the second thing that I think is purity in d people of world 2day… its hard to believe ..
but v wont b standing here now if there weren’t enough pure and honest people to balance all the negativities on earth..

Ripudman Full Length
What do you think about friendz magazine?

A. fabulous !! its an absolutely marvellous ideology and a brilliant concept brought up by you guys !
Personally I Love it! and I’m dead sure every other reader out there also does !
its wonderful to c all the teens in the world coming closer and joining hands to do something substantial ..
this is what the world needs today… being universally friendly and not jus being confined in one part of the world..

Do you think you can be next brand ambassador of friendz magazine?

A. oh yeah definitely !! :)
Why not .. !! I have it in me you know ! :D
Well …. it obviously depends on the readers.. if they think I’m worth being a brand ambassador I will be for sure ! :)
What’s your secret desire?
A. hmmmm ! my secret desire ! well if I tell you it wont be a secret any more! right? ! :)
newyz.. my secret desire is to have FAME and POWER ! I would Love to have lots and lots of both !! :)
I want to leave a mark on this world ..
A few words for teens: teens… the best part of someone’s life..
make sure its the best and not the worst part of your life too.. don’t be afraid to make mistakes.. everybody does that .. but make mistakes when you can afford to make them… learn out of them and don’t repeat them… and one more thing..Love your parents as much as you can… no one is gonna stand by your side when the world goes against you … they Love you more than you even know… value it …
your life is in your hands .. you are responsible for whatever happens to it.. make it or break it…
A few words for their parents: 1 thing that parents should always give their children is tremendous amount of support..
they should have full confidence in their children .. despite knowing their pros and cons..
parents should also believe in 1 fact – their children Love them too! :)
they should realize they also have a part to play(their role) during the teens of their child, rather than confronting them always and ending up in arguments they should loosen d strings to a certain limit..

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