2 Guys, 3 Girls and a Mad Professor

2 Guys, 3 Girls and a Mad Professor by Ravindra Godse

by Manav Dhiman on November, 2011

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Words that define this book:

  • Witty
  • Satirical
  • Light

I’ll admit, I was reluctant to read this book when my friend gave it to me. She kept on saying that this book is good, read it, read it. But I didn’t, when one fine day I picked it up and fell for it.

Malati, the mother of two girls Neela and Sheela is looking to marry them off.

Avinash, an anatomy professor who doesn’t talk about anything but anatomy even if the question is not necessarily science based.

Kamaladevi, mother of Malati and grandmother of Neela and Sheela arrives at the scene when Malati asks her to come and help her marry the two girls.

Amar, a witty doctor whose dialogues would make you think of how genius he is. Vijay, almost brother-like to Amar, an engineer from IIT, well mannered, not too witty and a complete opposite of what Amar is.

Bina, at whose place Amar and Vijay are staying (they live in Pune), is a friend of Neela and Sheela.

Prakash, Malati’s brother, a story-knitter of the sorts, as witty as Amar, genius.

You think this is complicated? If yes, then this book will spin your head and if not, then there’s a possibility of the same thing happening to you is there.

A complete page-turner with witty exchange of words between the characters, a straightforward story, with no big tragedies, this is the book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This book gets inside the skin of Indian arranged marriages. You got to read this will be my final words.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

2 Guys, 3 Girls and a Mad Professor

Publisher: Himalaya Books Pvt. Ltd.

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