Honour Thyself by Danielle Steel

Honour Thyself by Danielle Steel

by Abinayah Mannar Mannan on April, 2009

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Danielle Steel acclaimed as one of the world’s most popular authors with her many international bestsellers including the Amazing Grace, Bungalow 2, Sisters, Coming Out, The House, His Bright Light and other celebrated novels.

“Honor thyself” is the mesmerizing new novel of Steel where a well-renowned actress falls prey to a petrifying explosion in Paris. The book begins with a 50 year old actor Carol Barber trying to write a semi-biographic book.

It has been 3 years and she hasn’t got a single movie done. After mourning the loss of her dear husband, she sets out to Paris. She ends up with a terrifying explosion in Paris in which she almost loses her life.

Lying in coma for a long time, she forgets her past, her husband, her children and everyone.

With no clue of what her history was, she sets out to seek the times of yore. Along with the help of her assistant and her best friend, Stevie, who lives to serve Carol through all her worse times. She along with Carol’s family and exes help her to remember her past.

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With the help of all these people, and her courage assist her to control the future and restore her old times.
And a major asset to the story is the optimistic perception of Carol who never leaves hope even after losing her memory and after getting a huge scar on her face. She never loses her temper and accepts the fact and tries to take power of her future. Her will power and confidence really strikes a chord.

But the story as a whole has been a little disappointing as it really drags a lot and is repetitive at many parts. Unlike her earlier best work, Sisters, this book is not up to the reader’s expectations. But it is an easy to read book but not recommended as quality-wise.

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