Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella Book Review

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

by Kate on June, 2010

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This book completely changed the way I look at things – the way I treat the people around me: my friends, my family members and everyone I know.

Twenties girl is about a 20 something head hunter whose life is in a huge mess. Her best friend and business partner runs away to Goa leaving her alone to run the new business which is already going downhill and the love of her life dumps her. To worsen it all, she is being visited by the spirit of her great aunt Sadie – a fun loving, demanding girl from the 1920s! Sadie Lancaster wants her necklace back which was in her possession from a very long time, or she won’t be able to rest without it. When Lara finally decides to help Sadie (as Sadie won’t take NO for an answer!), she learns many things that nobody could teach her. But just when they think they have nothing in common, these two “twenties” girls from two very different eras learn some surprising truths about each other, and also love and life.

Lara and Sadie make a hilarious duo as they chase for her necklace. This breezy gripping novel takes us back in time, makes us realize the importance of relationships. I couldn’t stop reading this novel! Along with an amazing story-line and plot, the characters too are interesting! This book follows every genre – romance, comedy, suspense, tragedy. My personal favorite!

Hats off to Sophie Kinsella.

by  Karishma Shah

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