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Unconventional Guide on Choosing the Right Career as Teens

by the Friendz Team on June, 2010

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Think for a moment, do our parents know how life will be 10 years later? 20 years? 50 years? No they don’t and they are not even going to lead it there – we are. And yet we let them decide how to prepare for it. Not that it’s their fault, they are well-meaning in doing so – it’s just that we don’t take the lead.

Here are some thoughts on boundless career of life that you can choose. First thing to learn is that – it is a choice.

Killing Stereotypes

World is stuck in stereotypes, if someone is interested in science they go for science and if they are good at understanding concepts they go for science. Good with accounts and management? Go for MBA.

Stupid questions it is, but it is time that we ask it. Why do we have to study what they think is best for us, why can’t we choose? After all it’s our birth right.

Well here is even a bigger question – why do we even relate our education to career? Isn’t education about honing your skills, but that isn’t what it does – instead it points out what you are not good at and takes every effort of yours to make you good at what you are not.

Needless to say, that it is time that we stop limiting our career with education. It really is irrelevant to judge one’s career with education. It doesn’t tend to all the dynamics of a personality.

This may seem weird, but when this now known education was made, it was to enhance our skills at what we are already good at. But now, it has changed completely. Now we need to be good at what we are not. Now this seems weird, isn’t it?
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New Criteria to Choose Your Career

We need new criteria to choose a career – criteria which can tend to all the dynamics of one’s life and can inspire the best out of them. After all, if you are not giving your best – you are not your best.

But where do we find one? Does it even exist?
Yes it does and you’ve been taught to over-ride – thanks to education. It’s your emotions. It is the most profound question:

“How do you feel now?”

All our actions are inspired by this question. Everything we want to achieve is because we believe we will feel better in having of it – everything has emotional basis. So why not let them direct us in our choice of career. Here is a video where Steve Jobs talks about how he made choices based on how he felt – leaving everything & everyone out of the equation.

At the Heart of Career – The Unlimited Genius Kid

“Adults are always asking children what they want to be, because they are looking for ideas.” – Picasso

Do you remember how you answered the question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ First and foremost the only reason the idea of being an adult appealed to you was ‘freedom’. We never liked anyone else telling us what to do, and I hope you still are the same.

Our sense of freedom is what we are seeking in our career as the first step and yet we let go of that freedom in making that choice – we let the education, parents, society, family background and all of that crap decide our career. So little say we have in our own careers or freedom, what an irony!

Back to the question to the kid “What do you want to be?” I don’t know about you but my answer changed every day if not every 2-3 hours.

Someday I would want to be a better teacher than mine and teach love; someday I wanted to be a milk-man so I could enjoy delicious milkand then I would want to be a solider thanks to the movie I just saw.

Do you see the pattern? So free we were in choice and so believing in what is possible – God damn that education that coaxes that out of us. Truly, we don’t need such education.

Anyways, the criteria for our choice of career were what stimulate us. What would interest us? What would be fun?

Fun was our criteria for choice of career and somehow we knew everything else gets taken care of. Who overrode that with money and social status and all other things that don’t even matter?

Label Free Career (100% Off on All Prices)

I can almost hear the older ones of you crying out loud ‘But I can’t be all of that!’

But why not? Who the heck stopping you!

So much emphasis is given on labeling your career when that label in itself is meaningless. Ask the enterprising and creative ones – they have a hard time putting a label on themselves because it’s a feeling that they know – an undeniable inner calling. And it doesn’t need a label.

So are you ready to make your choice for your freedom and joy? If you are worried that it might be hard then let me assure you – you are right. But don’t let it stop you, because you will enjoy making the impossible, possible.

But life is not worth living if you are not living the dream. If you are not your best, you are not your best.


Break free from every notion of career that was told to you and make your own path. Choose emotionally don’t bother about the words and labels and sticking to one thing. Because every day you dream new dreams and every day you fulfill as much as you can while having fun – rest you just let go. Because there is no end to the dreams you can dream and no end to what you can achieve.

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Mind Some Inspiration?

  • Steve Jobs – Dropped out of college because of his love for computers. He did what his heart said; he didn’t worry about anyone or anything. The result? Well, you know.
  • James Cameroon – He enrolled in Fullerton to study Physics. But he dropped out shortly to marry a waitress, and to eventually become a truck driver. But when he watched Star Wars in 1977, his life completely changed. And you can literally see the result.
  • Bill Gates – He was the son of a schoolteacher. He enrolled in Harvard in the fall of 1973 to drop out after two years to found Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen. And the rest you know.
  • Mark Zuckerberg– Most of us would use our college dorm room to sleep, have fun and ummm… You know that better. But, Mark Zuckerberg used it to create Facebook for the Harvard students. As Facebook grew more, he dropped out of the college and went on his way to become successful.

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