Should Students Work to Earn?

Students at Work

by King Sidharth on July, 2009

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Working Students

More than half of those who are reading this are students and out of those hardly twenty percent have ever worked. By work I mean working to earn. It is very common in western countries like US, UK etc. but as we move eastwards this trend is rarely seen. Is work culture right for students? Let’s see

What kinda work are students doing?

Students are taking up variety of jobs like serving in McDs, KFC or Burger King; working as helpers in fashion stores, supermarkets. Students are also working as skilled workers in wood workshops, as assistants of fashion/interior designers. And also as freelancers, even in recession there are plenty of options available. In fact, many people think that students have more options in recession as students can offer far more affordable substitution to costly professionals.


  • No doubt we need education to live a happy life but it is also true that much of our higher education aims at getting as a suitable job or giving as right skills for working. So why not start working when you are learning?
  • It is really hard for students to accommodate themselves in work culture just after completing their degree/diploma courses. Sometimes the work culture is more of a big shock for students. No doubt many universities in UK and US offer sandwich courses where you work and study as part of course.
  • So it is good to learn while your learning is earning for you! Yeah! think again.
  • It is not about all about money, its also about how to work in team, how to go about real world’s cruel politics.


  • Many people argue that students should only concentrate on their learning. Earning and work becomes too distracting. Also the pressure and work load is not healthy for their studies.
  • Many times students forget that they are students and ignore their studies to earn more.
  • Also the political games are very common at workplaces and students being newest and most juniors become most venerable.
  • Students have more ability to learn so they progress faster and seeing this old man becomes angry! They try to pull you down. You may call them work-mates but it really is a bigger and crueler competition than at your school/collage. Legal formalities are there too!

So it is up to students to decide weather they want to join the work culture or not. If you think you want to earn while learning go on. If you don’t like taking orders from shouting kids at Burger King go than becoming a freelancer is nice option for you. Work as ghost writer if you are good at writing.

Ideas for that Work

Good at painting, are you? Go and paint a wall for that new restaurant down the lane. You will be surprised that you can even get whole week of free lunches in return of a painting for them. Yeah! Barter system is really working nice these days when money is hard. Can play guitar? Local restaurant might hire you for a night.

Many teens might think where to start. Well, first make your resume stronger include all the wired skills you have like you can really change bulb fastest, mop up the floor like pro, can make awesome sandwiches. Odd jobs are easier too find that way.

Drop resume at appropriate places and make sure to put your name and contact clearly in the beginning.

It works best to write targeted resumes. Next time they need an affordable dance teacher for a day, they are gonna call you for sure!

And make sure you settle on money before you start or they might think you work for free!

So work is out there for you, the dream job of singing your original song while you are getting paid to do it! Make mistakes, get paid.

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Mukta Rathore May 23, 2012 at 2:31 am

Hello ,
It’s realy very good blog . Realy you told true by that way students learn how to work in team, how to go about real world’s cruel politics. I post it on my college Fb page.

Thanx .