Biker Brigade

Fall 2009 Fashion Guide for Gals

by the Friendz Team on September, 2009

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Biker Brigade

You just cannot miss this one. Its a must this fall season. Designers were crazy about biker Brigade. So what do we have on our list to show you?
Ripped Stockings Miley Cyrus

Laddered Stockings / Ripped Thighs

Yea its kinda rock chick meets
neo-grunge. First seen in Alexandra Wang’s Fall 2008 Runway and since than it’s been picking up momentum as street style trends.

Wear it with crisp, corporate skirt-suit or some hot minis and with leather jackets.
It is so easy to rip stockings when not trying to, so it isn’t hard to get that look, is it? Just get creative with sharp tools at your disposal.
One Shoulder Dress

One Shouldered Dress & Top

This trend was prevalent in Summers and is almost gone… but maybe not so gone. Beach time might be off but one shoulder style can still make you look hot.



Now it’s impossible to forget! Flashy neon coloured scarf looks so hot!

Ripped Denim

It was never gone since 90s and It’s not going any sooner. So if you have not already done it, rip your denims!

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