Fashion Trends Spring 2009 for Guys

by King Sidharth on April, 2009

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Fashion Trends Spring 2009 for Boys Teen Formals

Spring/Summer 2009 Collections are all over the ad campaigns. So what exactly is Vogue suggesting for guys this season? Here is a list:


Classic stylish suit with nice shirts and dressy shoes are for formal wears.
Shirts with strips and other style patterns were seen in many lines.
Pants are getting very skinny in formals. Colors are really varied, right from very dark to very bright, but keep the hues elegant.

Dinner Jackets

Vest / Dinner Jackets

They are hot this season and were plenty in Dolce & Gabbana and D&G lines. You have wide variety to choose from: satin shawl, satin notched or peaked lapels, or the satin stripe.


Mens Brooches

If you are looking for extra something go for Men’s Brooches which is a dandy accessory. They are slowly making a come-back and are prefect for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Shirt from FCUKT & Shirt

Wear anything with patterns, stripes, leaves, flowers anything will do. Deep V-Neck is super hot.


Vests are back in fashion! Designers forgot it but they have a huge comeback. Wear it suit or as separate piece.


Tie is no more a formal wear, it goes with almost anything. Experiment with your own style and find out what suits you the best.

Wide Pants

Not so in style yet, but they are for Summer, so keep them at hand when you want to hot.

Hair Style

Yeah! Very very important and so easily overlooked. This season 20th century hairstyle is back with a bit of modernization. Here are the latest trendz:


This season’s men’s trend are based on last season’s women’s trend, so Fringe is, obviously, back! The cool thing is you have wide variety options for length. Brow length fringe with texture is recommended.

Slick Back

George Clooney might have influenced this style but this season’s men’s trend is all about classic. So Slick Back will do great in States at least. If your hair is straight then go for longer cut on top and if its wavy go for short cut on top. But for both: keep short on side.

Classic Part

Spring 2009 Men hairstyle classic-part
I Slick Back is not your kinda then go for Classic Part. As I said before its all about traditional style so what can be better then Classic Part? This style really gives you option for creating your own signature version. Check out what looks best on you.

Warning: Avoid soft-effeminate style classic part.

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