Summer 2010 Fashion Trends Girls Teen

Summer 2010 Fashion Trends for Teen Girls

by the Friendz Team on June, 2010

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Fashion is changing quickly, but we try to bring everything for you that matters. You will never ever get out of fashion!

Knee High Socks

Knee High Socks in Fashion Summer 2010

Knee High Socks

Knee high socks were rolling in ramp this season. Time to stretch some socks, I guess? Try different variations. Don’t be shy – try playing with colors and textures too.

Try combining them with top pants or short shorts.

High Dress Split

High Dress Split - Emma Watson

Emma Watson - High Dress Split

This one is not your wear it daily style, this one is for those special formal occasions. Wear the dress with high heels or it just won’t work. It is summer so if your legs look like sun’s tan painting then worry not, just use those stockings.

Sporty & Sci-Fi

It’s time they wear nice jackets and shoes with those sporty track-suits and stuff. Throwing in sporty stuff with fashion diva stuff is coolest thing we saw happening in fashion industry, for teens, this season.


Go get some more – you have so many options. Wear it tight, sporty or let it flow. Go visit some fashion galleries to get more ideas.

Printed Stuff

Graphic prints, floral or even your random paint splashes will do. Make it scarf or make it on pants. Just go print! Time to use imagination.

Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend Blazer

Time to raid your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Maybe not, they are just oversized jackets with high shoulders but they look super hot when combined with other trendy stuff. Don’t forget to fold the sleeves.

PS: We thought we’d let you know that ripped denim and patched denim are in too.

PPS: Long waved hair is the best hairstyle for teens this season.

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