by King Sidharth on November, 2008

in Gaming

Most of the game-makers live in solitude and that sometimes result in superb ideas like SPORE.

You start from Cell Stage where the meteor carrying your micro organism colloids with the planet soon you are swooping through whole see and you choose to be either vegi., omnivores or non-veg. and this decides what kind of body parts you will get!

This game is evolution – literally!

Then comes the ‘creature stage’ when you eat DNA and grow poison spiting boobs! Isn’t that just awesome?

As you go on killing the creatures in your corner of world, you become a tribe! Yeah! the ‘Tribal Stage’. It’s when your spices is dominant and you have a pretty looking village to rule, go on wear some fancy clothing that will upgrade your abilities.

Then comes the ‘Civilization Stage’ and afterwards the ‘Space Stage’ where you are left alone on entire planet and that’s good because now you can win other planets over. Go ahead rule the universe.

Isn’t that sick? From nothing to everything!

Rating: 4 / 5


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