Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoining

by King Sidharth on November, 2008

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If you will give a few hours to this game you will be overwhelmed! At first you will have 5 characters to start with. Then you will think about which one to take to higher levels first and not to mention graphic card updates.

Those who have played opening zones of Warhammer Online say that it beats the shit out of World of Warcraft(WOW)! Really?

You can choose from two realms – Order or Destruction, don’t confuse it with WOW’s realms which are just funky names of servers!

Then you can choose the army you want to join:

The Order have: High Elves, Dwarfs and Human Empires

The Destruction have: Dark Elves, Greenskins (Goblins, Orcs, Giants etc.) and Chaos (corrupted Human Beings)

Rating: 3 / 5

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoining


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