MacBook Air

by the Friendz Team on May, 2009

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MacBook Air Front Preview

Apple, after gaining worldwide appreciation for its awesome designs of iPod, iPhone & MacBooks,now comes up with MacBook Air (WORLD’S THINNEST NOTEBOOK) but is it worth to shell out 1799$? Let’s See:

MacBook Air is equipped with hard disk of 80GB can be extended upto 120GB & further to 128GB whereas industry leader DELL now offers upto 250GB in it’s studio’s editions.

MacBook Air Float

It’s most stunning feature is trackpad i.e. much larger than others if u want to zoom in just pinch with your finger & thumb and to move forward or backward just swipe. Moreover you can rotate photos to any degrees by just rotating your two fingers. When there is decrease in ambient light built-in sensor behind keyboard automatically kits-up. It’s display is awesome 13.3 inches. Though optical drive is not included in MacBook Air! Why?

Here Apple plays the trick very cleverly.

Apple is giving excuse for unavailability of optical drive as due to built-in powerful capabilities most users won’t need one instead of watching DVD’s rent it from iTunes store as advised by Apple!

Think your smart eh Apple?

It means if you buy any DVD from market it is useless. Moreover to install applications via CD or DVD you must have another computer having Macintosh Os to wirelessly connect with it using wireless migration assistant! Now they want us to change how we live!

I am not joking it’s true! Now it won’t take a genius to see that how they are trying to get more customers forcibly!
MacBook Air Fly

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