Jonathan Ive

by King Sidharth on April, 2009

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Jonthan Ive

Jonathan Ive, the man behind the design of world’s favourite music player iPod, iMac, aluminum and titanium PowerBook G4, MacBook, unibody MacBook Pro, and yeah the popular iPhone. He was born in February, 1967 (exact date is not know to even Apple Inc.!) in Chingford, Essex. He is is a British designer and the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc.

He studied Industrial design at Northumbria University and earlier he used to attend Chingford Foundation School. He co-founded Tangerine, a London based design agency, for a short while and then joined Apple Inc. Apple Inc. was a client of Tangerine and I’ve moved their to work full time.

At the time he joined Apple Inc., the company was facing hardships. They were handling a patent dispute with Microsoft over the Windows operating system. Apple was loosing to Windows and was becoming unprofitable. Than company faced its darkest days, at last with Steve Jobs and Jonathan Eve the company launched an amazing and visually stunning product iMac G3 and it was marked as birth of ‘new Apple’. The company is still progressing with its cutting edge designs under leadership of Jonathan I’ve (in field of design).

His Inspirations:

  • Nature: Many of his products are directly inspired by nature and the design is of organic nature. Including Pro Mouse- inspired by water droplet and iMac G3- inspired by sunflower.
  • Honey: He speaks about influences of honey on his design which led him to create design from aluminium and use of no-plastic.
  • Music: He loves music and also creates music in spare time.

In his teenage he used to take objects apart to see what’s inside it!

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