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Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana

by Amrita Lall on September, 2009

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Destiny Hope Cyrus – What better a name ?

At 16 and a half years, having risen to heights insurmountable and received accolade unimaginable, Miley Cyrus, born as Destiny Hope Cyrus stands as a teen legend, a living Teen Legend.

While most of us 16,17 and 18 year olds spend a major part of our time attending classes and appearing tests, Miley Cyrus keeps rising on the Times’ and Forbes’ lists of ‘Celebrity 100’ and ‘100 Most Influential People in the world’ and so on.

From small starts as the new tween lead star on Disney’s new spin-off, ‘Hannah Montana’ at the age of 12 to doing cameos on sister Disney shows and upgrading to Disney movies, and now among the Who’s Who of the Music Industry, Miley Cyrus, with her ever expanding humongous fan base and glowing talent, has been able to carve for herself an ultra impressive niche in the Global Standings-which comes with an added advantage of looking at your own wax self at Madame Tussuad’s,New York.

With the sparkling clear vocal prowess, the vivacity, the persistent desire within, and ‘faith’ as stated by herself, Miley Cyrus today deserves all that she’s been blessed with, owing not just to her talent, but also for standing up before the world as an Inspiration-for millions of people, teens and elders alike-in making them believe that dreams are to be lived.

All that needs to be done is to wake up the wizard sleeping within, and let go. Let go of all restrictions, and live the dream. With only 2 Studio Albums and a sole movie to her credit, and her show, Miley Cyrus has already achieved the Star Status, and only greater things can be expected from a talent this big.

But adolescence has its own not-so-sweet sides as well, no matter who you may be-A ‘Like-every-other-teen’ kind of a person or ‘The Star’, referring to certain controversies being swept around about Cyrus.  Miley, well guided by her musician father, Billy Ray Cyrus and mother, Leticia, has always been able to trod right back onto the correct path. And this stands as a glowing inspiration for all other adolescents around the globe-to move on, to cross the hurdles of life, with a smile. Life’s all about having a good time anyway!

Miley Cyrus, one of the most talented and inspirational people belonging to our generation, stands as an epitome-of Faith, of Belief. So, all that has to be done is, pay heed to one of Miss Cyrus’ beautifully true quotes:

“If you believe in yourself anything is possible.”

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