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Mirror Mirror (2012)

by Dikshita Nahar on April, 2012

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Mirror Mirror (Movie - 2012)

“Bread is meat, less is better” has become the metaphor of the era from a ruthless queen again. But this time it is in a movie and not for real. Yes folks! Mirror Mirror it is. Starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Armie Hammer, Mirror Mirror is an adaptation of the classic snow white. The movie has a lot of aesthetic appeal to it as all the other Tarsem Singh’s movies. Out of the earth sets, gorgeous costumes and complementing special effects make this movie a real fairy tale like.

An evil queen steals the kingdom and takes unduly authority and privilege of the powers bestowed upon her by herself. For years and years together she kept Snow under the impression that she (Snow) cannot stand up for herself. She continued to rule ruthlessly over the kingdom until Snow’s 18th birthday. 18th birthday after all is a girl’s most important birthday.

Snow sneaks out of the palace that day and decides to take a look at the kingdom herself. On her way she meets the young prince and they fall in love immediately. Ok, I know right! HOW CLICHED, NO? but yeah it’s a fairy tale.

Moving on, apparently the evil queen desperately wants to marry the prince as he is rich and she is broke. Like always, she wants to play it to her advantage. In order to impress him, the evil queen decides to throw this huge ball for which she has no money. She further increases the taxes to fund her luscious ball.

Snow just couldn’t take this anymore and she decides to fight against the evil queen. She goes into the ball to talk to the prince, which finally results in her death sentence. She somehow runs and meets the young men aka the dwarfs. They help Snow gain her confidence and fight the evil queen. A series of events follow and finally she wins her prince and her kingdom and yeah, her father as well.

Evil Queen - Mirror Mirror

The movie is quite different in various senses than the other interpretations of Snow White. Here I was surprised by the very minimal usage of “mirror mirror on the wall” and also snow kisses the prince to break the spell of the queen. It was weird but nice. The dialogues seemed a little flat except for Julia Roberts as she added her witty humor to it.

The plot is expected and will leave you bored after a while. With classic Disney cinematography and good music – it’s great technical work. There’s a series of hilarious and “aww” moments with the dwarfs. Over all great performances by the actors, a feel good happily ever ending movie.

If you aren’t a fairy tale’s person, watch it for Julia Roberts. If you are one, then what are you waiting for, just go for it!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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Director: Tarsem Singh


Julia Roberts
Lily Collins
Armie Hammer


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