Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

by Manav Dhiman on June, 2010

in Movies

Movies – Some are good for a one time watch, others just memorable and awesome. The Book of Eli belongs to the latter class. It’s so awesome that you would never ever feel bored to watch it again (But if you do feel bored, then what can I do? But hey).

Directed by Hughes brothers, written by Gary Whitta and starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals and MilaKunis is a post-apocalyptic (meaning after everything is finished. Just like that 2012 thing? Yea) movie. Everyone is fighting for their lives – Eating anything that they can, even humans.

But, the protagonist named Eli (Denzel Washington) survives all in a very awesome way, and reaches probably the only town that has remained. But situation is the same except no one’s eating each other. This part of the movie is really interesting and you would stop your breath each time something bad is gonna happen.

The movie is kinda boring at some points, but thank God they last for some moments only! I don’t want to reveal everything interesting and the best part of the movie, so you gotta watch it yourself for a big surprise!

Don’t know why it’s rated Adult (These grown-ups, they will never grow-up), may be because of the violence. But it’s awesome and you all should watch it – A highly recommended watch. Go get you DVD now!

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