21st Century Breakdown Green Day

21st Century Breakdown by Green Day

by King Sidharth on May, 2009

in Music

Rise back from your graves, they are back! Yeah! this time they are announcing ‘Song of the Century’ and much more. They’ve it all for their old fans and new –the awesome punk music soul and their Rock Opera style music album.

The music is made when band members swing through two characters: Gloria- trying to hold on her beliefs and hold the torch and Christian –being devoured by his own demons and burning down everything with the ‘torch’.

After giving super-hit ‘American Idiot’ the band was supposed to have ended and non-existent but here they are with their 8th album ‘21st Century Breakdown’. The secret behind their success is, I guess, relevance of song to present times, through seventies style epic telling. Words can’t explain them, just go and plug em into your ears… hearts! And let them sing ‘She won’t cooperate’ and let them attack Christian hypocrisy with ‘East Jesus Nowhere’. And tour’s gonna be hit this summer for sure.

Editor’s Pick: 21 Guns, Know Your Enemy, East Jesus Nowhere, Last Night on Earth

Rating: 4 / 5

21st Century Breakdown

Green Day


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