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Adele & How she Turned Music Industry’s Tables

by Dikshita Nahar on April, 2012

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She doesn’t need to shed her clothes to get her fans cheering. She sets fire to the rain, sings about turning tables and rolling in the deep. She is someone who changed the music industry and changed people’s taste from pop and rock to blues.

She is – Adele Laurie Blue Akins, famously known as Adele.

As a young girl, she met Spice Girls at dinner parties. Later, as a teenager she had her most defining moments when she watched Pink perform at Brixto Academy. Her voice hitting Adele as if she was sitting in a wind tunnel. This was inspiration behind Adele’s obsession with voices.

After graduating from BRIT School of Performing Arts & Technology, back in 2006, she recorded 2 songs. Her friend would have never dreamt of making her a star when he uploaded them on MySpace. Everything was normal, till she got a call from XL Recordings – it was an offer for a recording contract! That resulted in her debut album “19” which came out in 2008 and earned her an appearance in Saturday Night Live – a show in US.

Cover of 19 by Adele Adele performed “Chasing Pavements” and “Cold Shoulder“ the following day, “19” topped the iTunes charts and ranked at number five at while “Chasing Pavements” rose to the top 25. Her stars were shinning brighter day by day. She was all set for an international tour.

Unfortunately she had to cancel two tours due to her throat hemorrhage. She required a few weeks of rest to have her voice back.

Adele released her top selling album “21” on 24th January 2011 in the UK and 22 Feb in the US. It surpassed success of her debut and was a hit. With 21, she became the first artist to sell more than 3 million copies of an album in a year in the UK.

Adele made her massive comeback after a series of rumors of taking a long term break, during The Grammy Awards 2012.

She won in all six categories for which she was nominated, making her the second female artist after Beyoncé Knowles in Grammy Awards’ history to win six categories in a single night. Following her Grammy success, 21 achieved the biggest weekly sales increases following a Grammy win since Nielsen Sound Scan began tracking data in 1991.

Cover of album 21 by AdeleWith 21 non-consecutive weeks at number 1 in the US, Adele broke the record for the longest number 1 album by a woman in Billboard history, beating the record formerly held by Whitney Houston’s soundtrack The Bodyguard. The album spent its 23rd week at number one in March 2012, making it the longest-running album at number one since 1985 and 21 became the fourth best-selling album of the past 10 years in the United States.

Adele, through her songs, touches the deepest corners of every one’s heart. Her voice as described by the critics and other fellow artists is “magical”. Personally speaking, her singing takes me to a different world, I am positive that most of her fans agree with me.

When I listen to “Someone like you”, my own story runs through my head – that’s what makes her so addictive. It seems like she is singing our own story and at the same time comforting us that she too has been there .She too has experienced joy , sadness , betrayal et all.

Songs like “someone like you”, “set fire to the fair” express the bereavement, heart-break and betrayal that one feels after a melt-down. And yet the beauty of these songs are symbolic of the love that lingers on. The more you listen to her the more you fall in love with her.

No words can describe her voice , and yet it is her voice that touches our very soul .

She evokes very strong responses from people. Her video for “Someone Like you“, is very subtle, a little boring actually, in my opinion ( “Set fire to the rain” on the other hand got a grammy for best video ). But the power of her music led to such vivid, yet possible interpretations. A beautiful video was made using her music that spoke of the story of two gay men. Moreover the video has all the nuances of modern day love stories and lives.

Though there are people who often make fun of her lyrics and her figure. Karl Lagerfeld, 78 years old Chanel designer, said that Adele was ‘a little too fat‘. But she had just the answer – “I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.

A comic on Adele's lyrics "I set fire to the rain".

A comic on Adele's lyrics "I set fire to the rain".

But whatever they say, with no skin show or crazy dance videos, Adele broke so many records in music industry (no pun intended). And she is making history.

She has proven it – no matter what they say about you – just keep going.

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Set Fire to the Rain

Do you like Adele? What are your favorite songs? What about her is most interesting?

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