Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

by Amrita Lall on April, 2009

in Music

When I first heard “Walking on a Dream” I was immediately sucked in without my permission but it utterly transfixed me with it’s beautiful lyrics talking about our inner realizations and those vaguely romantic lyrics touched a chord within me, despite it being so out of my comfort zone of music.

The sounds are a lot like MGMT, mixing glam pop with ballad-like lyrics. Luke Steele’s unique nasal voice utterly suits the sound.

“Half Mast” is another fantastic song, with it’s airy beats and exemplary diversity. It almost creates a whole new genre for itself. This band is more in touch with it’s inner self, than most celebrities you can find. They are still finding their way to superstardom, but I might as well tell them to hurry because we need more meaningful music in this age of “Womanizer” and “Sexyback”.

Listen to it, and you’ll be surprised.

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