Kings of Leons Only by The Night

Only by the night – Kings of Leon

by Amrita Lall on July, 2009

in Music

Bordering on their vintage Southern-infused garage rock influence, the Followill Brothers present their most impressive Record to date with Number 4,’Only by the Night’. From their 2003 stumpy, moderately feisty debut, ‘Youth and Young Manhood’, they’ve come a long way, strengthening their stand in the ‘New Rock’ scene, most credits to Caleb Followill’s accentuated characteristic garble which with the years, has only gone better.

So, what the quick, sharp 43 minute Record has to offer – The best of Caleb’s earthy growl till yet which is best seen in the first two singles off the album, ‘Sex on Fire’ and ‘Use Somebody’. Refer to the former-Nevermind the goofy title, it actually proves why ‘Only by the Night’ is considered the Breakout for KOL, though requires you to listen to it on repeat to finally want to mimic the simmering guitar intro.

‘Use Somebody’, on the other hand, would not require to grow on you the second time you listen to it – You try culturing the angsty accent the very first time, and not to forget the impressive strings playing at 3:00.’Only by the Night’ is judged as KOL’s commercial debut which explains why Indie Rock would not mind housing the occasional power ballad.

I’m referring to ‘Notion’ which proves good filler when you’re saturated with the big Alternative others. All in all, ‘Only by the Night’ has probably brought the Brothers out of the garage, and into the arena, where people want to, and like to see them as they are, version ’60s(Yes, count in the hairy image).I’m not overlooking the graphically ingenious lyrics by the way, neither the obvious leeriness.

‘Only by the Night’ duly deserves being Grammy nominated and surfing high on the charts, and all rest accolades. An album which no doubted makes their fan base a whole large league. Add me!

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