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Relapse – Eminem

by Amrita Lall on July, 2009

in Music

Hate, honesty, ingenuity, and ‘the’ Eminem. Look no further-‘Relapse’ is the thing. From the King of Rap, nothing less expected than the brutal truth, and with Album no.6 everything just gets better. The album is probably the best of his works, ever. By ‘Relapse’, Eminem refers to the return of his legendary alter-ego, Slim Shady and the end of his drug rehabilitation and each single track is fraught with pure talent, which in Eminem’s way, is pure hatred and violence.

Opening with a skit, ‘Dr.West’, Eminem starts his tale, in verse, detailing the maniac ‘other’ him, Slim Shady and his return. Eminem aka Slim Shady within the cusps of Satan’s horns and you get.. ‘Relapse’.’3 a.m’ probably says that quite clearly where he portrays himself as a homicide killer, and includes among his victims-His very own cousin-setting the uber dark tone of the entire album. Another motive of Eminem of getting the listeners prone to puke is held upright with ‘Insane’, whose very first line gets you flinching heavily, but nonetheless lets you hanging on to it for more.

Then, come the obvious ‘other’ celebs, and Eminem shows no mercy in staggering them off in pretty many other tracks. And no Eminem record with a spoof amiss is complete, right? So,around comes ‘We made you’, the ultimate mockery, with Mathers playing a pop star serial killer. All through, what is clearly evident is Eminem’s brilliant wordplay and the crystal clear anger. His drug overdose, his love for music, his own mother being a cause for his drug addiction, the domestic violence, his hardships- all of it play a vital role on the Album. Pure feeling in violence’s disguise, forms the core of ‘Relapse’, best seen in ‘Beautiful’, a ballad, infringing upon Eminem’s very own career.

The entire album is pure brilliance, and explains why Eminem has always ruled the charts, and certain to continue, with this masterpiece.

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