Slumdog Millionaire

by Amrita Lall on April, 2009

in Music

Slumdog has shaken the world from it’s stupor of terrorism and recession with it’s feel-good flavor created with panache. It took home eight Oscars, with two for it’s music – which are almost deserved. Almost. Let me explain my irreverence.

Yes, Rahman weaves his magic once more and “Jai Ho” makes even crusty Hollywood honchos rise and sing, but is it the classic it is being made out to be?

Rahman has produced way more soundtracks which are more heart tugging and forcing misanthropes to cry than this one.

Coming back to Slumdog solely, it is a good soundtrack with an interesting amount of electronica inserted but it’s just not the best in Rahman’s works.

Still, there is hope yet. Buy the album or get “O..Saya” on iTunes for that is what really works in the track, with M.I.A inducing it’s magic with Rahman.

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