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by Gaurav Bansal on November, 2008

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Formula 1

Formula 1 , a synonym of Speed, sport where even a split second delay can coast you a win. Determination and Confidence are the two key factors to win and come out of cockpit as a winner.

In this game a team runs two cars. Top 8 positions get points on finishing race and winner secures full 10 points. There are around 18 races held in a formula 1 season and each race consists of laps which vary from 50 to 80. At the end of each season, the total individual points of drivers are added up and the topper wins the championship of that season. Even the team with highest points win constructor’s Championship of that season. The concept of Formula 1 started in 1950. Let us take a look on the journey covered by this speedy sport:

  • The first formula 1 season was won by Nino Farina in 1950.
  • Juan Manuel Fangio of Argentina won Formula 1 championship in 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956 , 1957 and made a world record for winning championship for 5 times which lasted for almost 50 years.
  • Ayrton Senna, a great Brazilian driver who won Formula 1 championship thrice was a legend. Unfortunately, he died in an accident in a grand prix race in 1994.
  • Mika Hakknen, who drove for McLaren won title in 1998 and 1999. However, he got lucky to win 1999 world title in the absence if Michael Schumacher.
  • Michael Schumacher has won Formula 1 title for 7 times-the most number of titles won by any driver. He drove for Ferrari. This German driver also holds for most wins in grand prix races ie. 91.
  • Lewis Hamilton, a British Driver, won World Championship in 2008. He did it in a dramatic fashion by winning the last grand prix of the season.

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