How to find out if a boy likes you?

How Do I Know If He Likes Me?

by King Sidharth on May, 2012

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Okay, so you like that cute guy, or you’re just curious if he is into you. Not sure how to find out? No worries, happy to help, always.

Though every guy has his own different way of showing it – some will go ahead and say it, some will be super silent. But there are common patterns.

Also, as straightforward as boys like to think they are, when it comes to their crush / girl that they like – they can be utterly irrational. Keep calm, read on:

  • Mostly Everyone Else Would Know: When a boy likes a girl, his buddies would know. In fact it’s possible that everyone but you’d know. There’s a saying that goes around – “When a girl likes a guy, no one but the guy knows. When a guy likes a girl, anyone but the girl knows.Why? Well we are so afraid of losing you that it’s unimaginably hard to go and tell you. So keep your ears in the talk, you might get to hear something.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: Even if he is not a gentleman, if he likes you he’d do special things for you. Leaving the seat when you come, running your errands. No girl, he is not just being nice to you – he won’t give you so much time and importance if he doesn’t like you.
  • Friendzoned: This is popular on internet. If he likes you, he might be in the friend-zone. What is it, you ask? You have a guy buddy who listens to you late at night about your break-ups, make-ups and everything you’ve got to say? Girl, if he isn’t gay – he likes you. “Oh but I thought we are just best-friend”. Bleh, read the point before this one. Only reason he is putting up with all that girl-y talk that makes no sense to him or even hurts him – because he fucking likes you! That best friend of yours who understands you so well, yes him! Trust me, I’ve been that guy.
  • Possessive: Is he possessive? Does he get worked-up when another guy is around you? Does he start acting weird and preachy when you spend time with your other friends? He’s already being possessive you see. Guys don’t like when you talk about some guy who is your “best friend”. They might act strange if you keep talking about your “best friend”. Look for these signs.
  • Acting Dumb (when you’re around): We tend to do that, no matter how much we prepare, when “the” girl is around – the light of our wits go off. So if there is little bit of shying away with being dumb – there is a good chance he is into you.
  • Easily Hurt-able: Boys are expected to be emotionally tough; truth is we are mostly in emotion of care-free-ness. BUT, you’re one person who has access to the deep dungeons of our heart, if you live there. Your one comment can cost somebody’s sleep.
  • Extra Shy Guys: Some guys are extra-shy. They won’t talk freely with their friends and mostly smile and talk through gestures when you’re around. So do him a favour, try breaking the ice first if you like him and try to be casual.

So, if you see any of the above traits, namely—shyness, kindness etc—he’s into you.

Bonus Tip: Guys love it when girls ask them out. It need not be the ancient way. Break the tradition, and you’re a keeper.

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