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How Do I Know If She Likes Me?

by Ankita Katiyar on May, 2012

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Ever had that one girl who you’re head over heels in love with but are not sure if she likes you back? Or maybe a cute girl you fancy and want to ask out but are afraid she’ll say no? Ever had a sneaking suspicion a girl likes you?

Here’s your one stop solution to all these doubts and questions, from a girl’s point of view.

Girls; we are extremely complicated and yet simple in the sense that when we like someone, we try our hardest to let them know but in an extremely subtle way. We fear rejection as much as guys do. One minute, we’ll make you feel we’re into you and the other minute, we’ll pull away. Sometimes, our friendly rebukes border on flirtatiousness and our rejection gets mistaken for ‘playing hard to get’. So, guys, here are a few signs she’s into you –

  • Trust your intuition – If your guts say that she’s into you; she’s probably into you. There’s a certain behaviour pattern that all girls exhibit when they like someone and your instincts are hard-wired to pick up on it.
  • Stolen glances – As clichéd as it may sound, we do steal glances at the boy we like. A girl’s eyes constantly search for that one guy who has caught her fancy but as soon as he catches her looking at him, she looks away, or pretends she was looking at something else. One way or the other, her eyes still find a way back to him. This, my friends, is the most obvious sign that she likes you.
  • The giggles and smiles – When you’re around her, crack a silly joke. If she’s the only one that laughs, she’s into you. We girls like to think the boy we like are extremely hilarious and witty, even when they aren’t. She will smile every time she looks at you or you say something to her. We smile around our crushes because we can’t really help it. We were born this way.
  • She listens to your every word like her life depends on it – We tend to pay attention to you if we’re into you. The whole world be damned, if you’re talking, you’re the only one we’ll be listening to. She will remember the smallest details of your conversation even months after you’ve had it. She will know what you like and what you don’t, even if you don’t remember telling her.
  • She gets angry at every stupid thing you say – This one is related to the last one. We pay almost too much attention to the boys we like. We read into everything they say, so if we interpret something he said in a totally different way than he intended or if our texts and calls are not returned on time, we get upset and angry. And as they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn’d”. And to be fair, we girls do tend get annoying with our “I’m not talking to you”s but you really can’t help it, if you’re a girl in love. We expect to be listened to like we listen to you and not ignored.
  • The body language – If she’s into you, she’ll lean in towards you when you’re talking to hear or sitting next to her. She’ll try to keep you in her line of sight, therefore, you’ll notice her body and her legs, ever so slightly pointing towards you.
  • You’ll be ignored but she’ll still try to get close to you – This one can not be explained. She’ll walk a little faster to get next to you in the school hallway or maybe try to sit next to you at a party but you’ll have to make the first move and initiate the conversation. She’ll completely ignore you or talk to her friends, unless she thinks you’re interested in talking to her.
  • She’ll get jealous when you’re talking to other girls – We absolutely hate it when the boy we like talks to another girl. We tend to look away and completely ignore you while you’re doing so or look at you with our poker face on. We’ll try not to show it but we’ll still try to find out who you were talking to and what you were talking about.
  • She shares her secrets – Sharing secrets and personal stories is a sign of trust for a girl. We only share our lives with people we absolutely trust and love. This is a way to establish a connection that gets her closer to you. If she tells you about her past, try not to judge her based on it but accept her for who she is and who she was.
  • She asks for your opinion and actually cares about it – One thing girls don’t like at all is being told what to do and if we ask for your opinions on something, it means that we value what you have to say. If you tell us that the blue dress looks good on us, we’ll actually believe it even if we didn’t like that dress so much in the first place. If she wants to know what you think about her, her thoughts, her blog, her new pair of jeans, she likes you.
  • She tries and take interest in what you like – If she’s learning to take interest in the sport you like to watch, the books you like to read and the music you listen to. She’s into you. A girl doesn’t like being taken for a fool and especially not by the boy she likes so she’ll go that extra mile and take the pain to learn what you’re talking about so that she can keep the conversation going.

The easiest way to find out will be to ask her yourself but that’s easier said than done. So, armed with all this insight into a girl’s mind, I wish you all the best.

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Hermione May 21, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Hey there :D I read your article and I would like to say that you did a very good job :) You depicted us girls perfectly, and you explained our exact feelings, thoughts, motives, and everything else! This is a must-read, especially for boys ;)

Askandh May 21, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Hey Ankita, I am sure this would help some daft guys! :P And I would really love it if you could do the same, with a Guy’s Pov!

Sakshi May 22, 2012 at 11:42 am


nain July 17, 2012 at 8:44 am

first tym in lyf, luks lyk a girl’s advice is gonna b beneficial 4 me… thnx a lot ankita..