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Status: In a Relationship– Beyond Broken-hearts & Brave-hearts

by the Friendz Team on June, 2010

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For us teens, love is always in the air. Part of the reason is because we are so lovable and so loving and yea – there is that hormone thing too. It’s the time most of us have relationships that we never thought we’d have. Wasn’t it that as kids we thought having boyfriends and girlfriends was… well… weird?

But now we know it’s fun to be in dynamics of relationships. But… yes there is always this but. There are many people who still think it doesn’t make sense or they are not ready and there is no judgment. It’s a choice. So let’s look at some aspects of this amazing and wicked boy-girl relationship.

It’s Good Awesome

Despite the fact that half of the world (eastern hemisphere, if you are dumb) doesn’t think very highly of such relationships but we are here to tell you why it’s good. But remember, it’s your choice – it’s not bad if you don’t get into any relationship at all in your whole teen life. You still have rest of your life.
Teens in Relationship

Learning Experience

We hate being taught. Honestly, when was the last time you liked being told what’s right and what’s wrong? We like to learn in our own way on our own terms and that’s an awesome thing because it makes sure that old screwy prejudices of previous generation are not passed on to next generations.

You will never find yourself learning about relationship as much as you’d learn in teenage. Nothing is binding, you are not expected to outshine or make it work. All you need is to be just yourself and see how it goes. Well, more on that later.

Someone to Be & Share With

Parents wanna know, all the time. But it’s much easier to share something with someone… well special than to parents trying to be friends. Not that we don’t appreciate their efforts to understand but they are parents for God’s sake.

We need someone whom we can share our thoughts with, someone more than a best friend. Now the lucky ones among us might not feel that at all, but for the rest of us – we want someone.

3 Most Asked Questions about Relationships Answered

It’s good to ask, it proves that you are smart enough to learn. So here is the best shot we could give to answer the F.A.Q.s

But Am I Ready?

We might or might not be ready for a sexual relationship but for an emotional relationship we are ready. If we were not, why would our Mother Nature make us want to go that way? Even the dumbest kids at school know that it’s not a good idea to go against nature – and all we know to be good is to follow our natural instincts.

Only you could tell when you are ready.

Does it need to be Sexual too?

Did we hear ‘need’? There is no rule book in the sky that says it should be this way or that way. It’s all a choice and you know that you will be better off with someone who supports you in whatever you choose.

Wouldn’t it be better if we just break-off stereotypes and live in the moment creating a relationship of our own kind, on our own terms? One of its kind boyfriend and one of its kind girlfriend?

What if it does Not Work Out?

World will end, it will be doom of us all. Well for a few days if you let it but if you just look at it as learning experience and act mature (I know, that’s a parent’s cliché but hey) you will see that it made you so much clear about how you want your relationship to be.

No relationship goes waste. It adds to the person you are and you evolve to be better one.

Best Relationship Advice by Teens (and some rare breed of cool Adults)

We thought we’d ask you to give some relationship advice to fellow teen creatures and cults. Here is what we came up with:

Be Yourself

A relationship isn’t about ‘How many ways you can stand on your head to please me’ but it’s about ‘How many ways can I find to look at you that pleases me’. So instead of trying to change others or control the situations just try and look things differently.

There’s always a way to look at things that feels better and why in the world would we choose a way that feels worse than better?

Say Never mind

No one is perfect, expect for those who are. So since it is a learning experience just say never mind, give benefit of doubt, stay cool. In short, be the cool kid you are even if people expect you to freak out.

Ice Cream Have FunHave Fun

This one is from our non-physical friends (Our deepest minds get it?):

Think again, what is the criteria for you to be in relationship with someone? Is it how they please you? They won’t do that all the time. Is it how cool they are? People evolve. The only criteria we would use if we were in your physical shoes would be how fun is it?

Be in a relationship for the fun of it – it will always work out. Say, “I like you pretty good, let’s see how it goes.”


There is no rule book about how a relationship should be. Being the free and young birds we are, let’s break stereotypes and create relationships of our own – on our own terms. Let’s look for the best of others and say never mind when things go wrong. Let’s be with people for the fun of it.

More Stuff

We love extra bonus stuff, so we thought we’d give you some. Feel free to add to it on the online article.

The Vortex by Esther & Jerry Hicks

A wonderful book by Esther, Jerry and Abraham on relationships and the Law of Attraction – must read. You will never have unanswered questions about ‘Why’ that happened and what to do about it.

Brida by Paulo Choelo

Paulo always makes us think, this novel of his will make you run your mind in directions that you never thought you could go. It’s a wonderful book for spiritual teens.

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Choelo

A taboo in many school libraries (adults need to grow up) is a story of a Brazillian will make you live her life and see through her eyes and make you feel the way she feels. And in all of that you will learn a lot in an interesting way. Not that Paulo wants to teach you something, but you are smart to learn anyways.

The Reason by Hoobstank

Go listen again, or send it to your boyfriend / girlfriend.

Ready to Love Again by Lady Antebellum (Need You Know)

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