Meeting your girlfriend's parents

Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents

by Aishwarya Sharma on July, 2009

in Relations

So, you’re planning to have a sneak peak into your girl’s house. Right? To meet her mom and dad of course, isn’t it? Hmm… scared huh? Don’t really know what to do, and what to say?

Well, that happens with everyone, you don’t really have to worry, I know it’s different when you meet your BFF’s parents, and completely different when you meet your girlfriend’s parents. But here’s the good news! Whenever there’s a problem, FRiEnDz help you out, whether it’s related to friends or your girlfriends. And now, a girl is there to your rescue boys, she exactly knows what a girl wants and expects when her man comes to meet her parents.

Here are some smart tips you need to follow while you’re at it. Remember: when you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents:

Don’t be a braggart!

Don't you dare brag
Just stop showing off. We girls and our moms don’t need a self centered and pompous ass! Just relax, keep it simple, no need to show that you’re a stud. Her parents need to see their daughter’s boyfriend, not a terminator or something. You don’t really need to brag about how many cars you have, how big your house is, or how many mobile phones you’ve changed so far.

As for us, we already know that you have the trendiest collection of shoes from Reebok, and a brand new play station 2. We know how big your house is, and that clearly doesn’t make a difference to us, nor will it to our parents. So just stop acting stupidly and keep it simple.

Don’t dress up funnily!

Don't dress funny
Please please!! We know we told you that the gladiator shirt looks amazing on you, but the truth is that for mom and dad, it will be a blighted show! Wear a simple tee without anything offensive written on it. We don’t want our parents to wonder what weirdoes we’ve brought for them to see.

Just be sane enough to choose a sound dress code for yourself. No spiky hair, no heavy chains, no ripped or torn jeans, no funny logos or messages splashed on your shirt please…


Impress Dad and Help Mom

Impress dad and help mom

Moms and dads have the most amazing kind of sixth sense, especially when they beget daughters. So no unnecessary flattery please… impress our dads by being politically correct, make it sound like a world peace summit, and help out moms by setting the table, washing the dishes, and helping out with the meal.

Parents like those typically homely guys who show a sense of belonging towards their girl’s house. Praise mom’s style of cooking and dad’s knowledge at football, Obama, politics, or whatever! Express whatever knowledge you have, in an impressing yet humble way.

Don’t crib about you Mom Dad’s messy ways, please!

Don't crib about your parents
Dude! We really don’t care about why your dad didn’t give you the latest videogame, or you mom didn’t allow you to take the car out. Remember, there’s another set of parents you’re meeting right now, and the way you talk about your parents reflects how you think of your elders so you better not talk of how creepy your parents get sometimes… We know they do, but do you need to tell that to my parents? No dear! Just keep your mouths shut on this; we’ll hear your set of melodrama afterwards.


Eat properly!

Eat properly
According to parents, table manners reflect how the upbringing of the child is at home. So in order to make a good impression, don’t drop your food on the table, don’t make funny sounds while you’re at it, don’t offer your hand for a handshake if the blot of mucus after a sneeze is on your hands, don’t offer your food to your clothes as well [you know what I mean!!!!], just don’t be an ogre, be a well bred cool dude and it should be as if you’re having your food in front of Queen Elizabeth. Simply spick and span and impressive. We know you eat the way you do while you’re with us, but there’s a BIG difference between us and our parents boys.

Don’t be self conscious

Don't be self consicous

We know this makes you a little nervous and all, but along with being manageable, you need to be original. Remember, we chose you for what you are, but the fact is that for parents, first impression is the last impression, so everything has to be perfect. But also remember, don’t be fake, don’t show unnecessary style. Just be calm, cool, and inoffensive. That’s it. These guys belong to another generation, but understand us better than we do. So just keep your cool.

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Reet Mohinder September 9, 2010 at 10:47 am

good attempt . need to be elobrated and cover wider prospectus . make writing more lively , expression ful and detailed so that things are crysal clear

Reet Mohinder September 9, 2010 at 10:47 am

good attempt . need to be elobrated and cover wider prospectus . make writing more lively , expression ful and detailed so that things are crysal clear