Discover Self

Discover Yourself

by Jigyasa Labroo on March, 2009

in Spiritual Me

The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes. We don’t see thing as they are, we see them as we are.” I don’t actually remember, where I read these lines nut I am sure they are as true today as they were when they were written

The most complicated discovery in the world lays in the search foe the real ‘you’ –who you truly are, where you really belong! Peer pressure, expectations, aspirations and dreams sometimes prevent you from realizing what you really want in life.

When we finally open our eyes, we find its too late to mend. Our childhood dreams forlorn, our hopes abandoned and our eyes reopening everyday to a shameful dawn that our lives are forced to witness a phantasm that our lives become.

In this swirl of emotions, the ones of changing our lives lies on us, and believe me its only you who as the ability, potential and above all a vision to transform your life. Wake up, undo the wrong done to you and brighten up your life, all over again. Almighty, the God is with you. So are my best wishes. Go for it! Bidding adieu to readers!

Photo Credit: A Prism of Shadows: Self-portrait in Front of A Brick Wall by DerrickT, on Flickr

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