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Spiritual? Me? No Way! I don’t know shit about it.

by King Sidharth on June, 2010

in Spiritual Me

If you are about to skip this one already, let me tell you the answer to the first question-

Are you Spiritual?

You bet!

Read on if you want to know why I am so sure about you being spiritual when I have not even met you.

Thanks to crappy adults, they have made spiritual to be some woo-woo stuff that it isn’t. We asked teens what they thought what spiritual and here are some crazy responses (now there were good ones too since teens are very smart, but then we hid them to make a point :P )

“ meditate and burn incense stuff. You know… the regular think-positive stuff?”

“Another name for self-help shit, I guess.”

“Let’s not talk about it! I mean I am not ready to die yet.”

To our amazement people believed it some weird shit that teens just don’t do. So let’s change that thinking. C’mon now! You knew this was gonna happen, right?

Spirituality, as the name suggests, is ‘of spirit’. No! Notthe woo-woo ghost-town-spirit spirit it’s the thoughts, the intent, the emotions and caring about your ‘being-ness’ stuff.

Ok, spirit means non-physical as in your thoughts, where you are headed, you want to become something, you believe in passion (and hard-work doesn’t make any sense). In nutshell, if you care about what you ‘be’ (as in personality) then you are spiritual.

So if you are money minded, jock, dork, jerk, air-head, happy, sad, caring, broken-hearted, bushed eye, creepy, lonely, Bebier lover etc. etc. etc. –  you are spiritual period (.)

You can’t help but be spiritual because everything starts with thought – and that is what spiritualism is all about. Now don’t listen to those creepy adults who might tell you otherwise, we don’t trust them, remember?

We think that was too much for you to take. But we know you could take it – you are cool like that. Now this section will make more sense then ever.

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ambition September 4, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Sucks ass !!