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The Mad Angle

by Anuraag Verma on April, 2009

in Spiritual Me

I search him, if it can be called a search, more than anyone else. When he concentrates, I keep quiet. When he is upset, I click my tongue. When he thinks, we together fake a brainwave. But when he is losing himself in an inferno of the maddening crowd, when even He agrees that a stampede is certain; I leave him. Smiling with malice, then grinning I send a thunderous clap of laughter flying at him and he is bowled over. But look! Where’s the crowd? Where’s the mist? It has gone, gone forever.

Forgive me my poetic insensibilities but I was just wondering if you have heard of a laughing hyena with heartburn? Er…no, I was just confirming because when I tell the whole concept to my friends, they regard me like a boring work of fiction.

I love laughing at myself. No, I am not a senior citizen, nor an inward turned joker and my insides are definitely not humorous. But then why did I just make an embarrassed mess of myself?

The one who laughs not only at others but himself also, knows how to pray. Suicide material, eh? You nuts! Laughing at yourself leads to a greater understanding of the reality within! If you fail (which I am most likely going to in my ongoing exams), joke that you had ‘GreatExpectations’ (not the Dickens’ novel) and that great and expectations had no space in between. Welcome to the Hall of Fail. But not everybody fails.

Some fail miserably. So, if someone betrays you, then please, please don’t attempt to smile through wet eyes and red noses. That’s not manly and certainly not girlish. Don’t compromise on the budget for special effects. Pick a day, if convenient, when the sky is overcast and summon all the courage you ever had. Then roar like a lion and wail like rural women (with the jumps!) and hiss the abuses (bad ones allowed) and do it all together.

You should be proud that you are different. If you don’t want to wear the make-up and are forced to apply it, grin at how funny you must look, laugh that actors as consistent and dignified as you are any day the gurus of our bollywood wannabes. If you feel trapped and cheated that what you were taught slapped you in public, you were bruised because you were not corrupt and cunning, strain your throat the hardest; your tribe is on the verge of extinction

If people make fun of the namoona you, probably there is some oddity that only you were given. Just grab it by the limbs and laugh out loud. Millions of people are so full of being serious that they fail to recognize the absurdity they are living in. We spend most of our time complaining how everybody is out to get us.

I know some people who are almost incapable of poking fun at themselves. They have an image that they work very hard to maintain, and the harder they try, the sillier they seem to be. Even better! People with a badly mutilated and the most fossilized sense of humour can do this. You might just brighten somebody’s day by allowing yourself to be assassinated by your own jokes where the knife doesn’t wound.

And suppose- hey, but wait. I hear a rasp just behind me. Oh! Hi mom……..!@#$%…..silence…$&(&3@ …….%@3!……Thank God! But am I complaining? I am laughing.

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