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by King Sidharth on February, 2012

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You can skip to sections on How to Hide Relationship Status on Facebook or How to Hide Friend Lists on Facebook
Also Facebook has a nice new tool for you.

As the internet spreads and mobile devices become more and more connected, everyone is joining the social networking bandwagon. It’s not new to hear everyone’s mom, dad and distant relatives joining Facebook.

Some people try to avoid adding them, some just go ahead and delete their account – and most create a duplicate profile. One for close friends and another for family and all. After all your mom won’t be happy to see you cracking an adult just as your facebook status or worse, see your relationshp status. But managaing two profiles is tedious. Also it’s against Facebook’s terms & conditions. You can have your both profiles banned for this reason!

You don’t need two profiles, you can manage your close friends, family and everyone else with one, Let’s teach you how:

If you don’t want to use lists, you can skip to last bonus tip →

The Lists to Tame Them All

We are going to use facebook’s list. Which are like Google+’s circles but better. On your facebook home page, you can see them on left-sidebar. Take your cursor over there and click “More”.

Facebook Lists on Home Page, Click More

Take your mouse there and click "More"

You will see the deafault lists:

  • Close Friends (duh!)
  • Subscriptions (People whom you subscribe on facebook)
  • Acquaintances (People you know but are not friends / not very close)
  • Family (duh duh!)
  • Restricted (For those whom you have to add in profile but don’t want them to see anything).

Depending on your profile data you might see lists named after your schools / colleges and work places. People who have same information on their profile are aleady added to these lists. Eg. If you and your classmates have added the school information correctly, they are already in the list named after your school! Told you they were better than Google+ Circles.

Default facebook lists and more

Default lists are same, rest will differ for everyone

Step 1: Add people to the List

Let’s start by adding Close Friends, they are closests to you, right?

Click the “Close Friends” list. On your right sidebar add them by typing their name, as you add on people. Facebook will suggest you more people to add.

Add people to Facebook Lists

Add People to the Lists by Typing their name.

Next add, people to your Family, Acquintance and Restricted List. I don’t know about you but my family list overlapped with Restricted :P

Tip: Important is to add people to Restricted and Close friends.

Tip: If you have 1000s of people in your profile, just add Close friends and we will hide things else from everyone else.

Step 2: Hide the stuff

On top-right corner next to your Name and “Home” there is a down arrow. Click it and choose “Privacy Settings”

Go to Privacy Settings on Facebook

Go to Privacy Settings, Top Right corner of your screen

Scroll down and click “Custom”. Now you can hide things from people or just show it to specific people. Personally, I have it set to Show to Friends except Acquaintances and Hide from Restricted, Family.

Set Custom Privacy on Facebook

Set who sees the posts and what is hidden from whom.


Step 3 Set How you Connect

Click on “Edit Settings” in front of “How You Connect“. Now you can control more settings here. I am just going to cover main things:

How You Connect - Settings on Facebook

Choose who can do what, and who can see what.

Who can post on your timeline? Earlier to used to be Who can write on your wall. If you don’t want anyone to write anything there, chose “Only me”

Who can see posts by others on your timeline? Let’s say I write on your wall/timeline. By default others can see that post. Change it to “Only me” if you do not want it to be seen by others.

It “Done”.

Step 4: Limit Old Posts (Optional)

So your future updates are well hidden, but what about old ones? Manage them with “Limit the Audience for Past Posts”.

Make Posts

There, you’re done! Now if you go and make a new update, you can see the post will be visible to just some people.

Make Updates with the New Settings

Make Updates with the New Settings

In case you want the post to be visible to all people in your friend list click the dropdown and chose Friends. But people in Restricted list will only be able to see post with Privacy set as “Public”.

Hide Photos

While creating an album / uploading photos. You can control who sees them. Alos you can set it to specific people, let’s say you want to share it just between you and someone special ;)

Hide Photos on Facebook

Hide Photos on Facebook

Tip: Next time you add someone on Facebook, add them to apropirate lists too.

How to Hide Profile Information

Now let’s hide information on your profile from others. Things you should consider hiding:

How to Hide Your Relationship Status on Facebook

Update Info Button on Facebook Timeline

Click "Update Info" Button on Timeline, Under your cover photo

  1. Go to your timeline and click “Update Info” button and then:
  2. Scroll down and when you see Family / Relationship status, click “Edit”.
  3. With drop-down, choose who sees what.
Hide Family & Relationship Status on Facebook

Hide Family & Relationship Status on Facebook

For me, my relationship status is only visible to Close Friends.

How to Hide Your Contact Information on Facebook

Update Info Button on Facebook Timeline

Click "Update Info" Button on Timeline, Under your cover photo

  1. Go to your timeline and click “Update Info” button (if you haven’t already).
  2. Scroll down when you see “Contact Information”.
  3. Click drop-downs and choose who sees what.
Hide Contact Information on Facebook

How to Hide Contact Information on Facebook

For me, my phone numbers and address are only visible to people in my friend list and rest is visible to everyone.

How to Hide your Friend List on Facebook

Go to your timeline.

Under your Cover Photo click “Friends” box.

Friends box under Cover Photo on Timeline

On your timeline, Under your Cover Photo is the Friends Box

Click the Edit button on top bar.

From drop-down choose who sees your friend list.

hide your friend list

On top bar, Click Edit Button and then with drop-down chose who sees your friend list

For me, it’s set to Only Me. So no one (except me) can see my friend list.

Hide without Lists

If you do not want to make lists and just want to hide things from 2-3 people:

  1. On drop-downs mentioned in above steps, choose “Custom”.
  2. And in Hide (this) from section, type name of the person you wish to hide from.
Hide from specific people not lists

When list seems too much of a task

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Rahul Banker February 25, 2012 at 7:22 pm

that was a nice and straight forward explanation :)

Beyond Time February 25, 2012 at 7:25 pm

It’s Awesome, I am facing some problem about accepting friend request. I dn’t want to share Everything with Everyone like post or fri’s list. i deny request of my some fri’s, family members and other’s and they always give me comments/remark for it.
             Now i can accept so thanks for that Information.

ritesh September 27, 2012 at 12:42 pm

thanks a lot dear realy ineed,