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Twitter: What’s Up?

by King Sidharth on April, 2009

in Tech-Talk

Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking site, which uses simple concept of ‘What are you doing?’ or ‘status updates’ (its totally free!). You can send and read other’s updates know as tweets. The status update can be up to 140 characters long. When you update your status all those who are your followers can see it. You can update it via SMS / Text. Also there are many free applications available which allow you to update your twitter in many ways or even chat!

Twitter has grown extensively popular since 2006 and is considered to be ‘SMS of internet’. It is being used for viral marketing by many new businesses today. Many books, websites, blogs are inspired by twitter.

Twitter became so popular that it experienced downtime of 7 days in 2007, simply too many tweets to handle!

Many celebrated beings can be found on twitter : Britney Spears and even Barack Obama can be found there. No doubt we are there too! Twitter was used by David Saranga of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take questions from public about war against Hamas in Ghaza. An eyewitness of 26/11 Mumbai Attacks sent tweets to update about the situation there.

  • For all great geeks out there…Twitter runs on Ruby on Rails framework. Twitter API can be found on the site which allows itself to be integrated with other web services and applications.
  • The key people in twitter inc. Are: Jack Dorsey (Chairman),  Evan Williams (CEO), Biz Stone (Creative) Director. And there are nearly 34 other employees!
  • To reply directly to some one use @username in your tweet. Eg. Is you want to reply a tweet of your friend whose username is ‘thefriendz’ start your tweet with @thefriendz.

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